Wednesday, November 5, 2008


8x10 Using Colored Pencils

This piece was inspired by the band The Zico Chain's album "Food."

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A Syncretic View said...

This is a nice radial sketch. Something that struck me as we last talked is the concept of sketch versus final piece. We talked about time to complete each sketch/final piece. Speaking in terms of an art education background, I was touched by your passion for your work and your work effort. I remember being in my art education program at University of Florida. My favorite art professor said, "If you think a work will take 1 hour, multiply that time by 6." The joy of working an idea is to grow the idea. It is the same with pieces of art. Sketches are just the beginning to art. Final pieces imply completeion. I would recommend that your explore the joy of expanding and refining your pieces. I would take no point of frustration with the language of the sketch. I think people want your pieces to grow, to expand. That is the joy of creating. The process is often more important than the product. My recommendation is that you take each piece and you continue to develop it to its highest appropriation. You have good stuff. Your prolific work is so amazing. Now work the edge of expansion and refinement. Try some new media as you get the opportunity. Explore your psyche as far as you possibly can and listen to all critiques. Embrace the challenge of growing!